Institute/ Campus Address:
VITAM Campus

Near Bharabi Temple
P.O. Mantridi
Via- Golanthara
Berhampur 761008
Odisha, INDIA.

City (Corporate) Office Address:
Hillpatna 1st Lane
Near Sidha Vinayaka Temple
Berhampur, Odisha, INDIA.


Career and Professional Development @ VITAM

Career and Professional Development of VITAM, provides resources, workshops and individual counselling to all the graduate and post graduate students to aid in career planning, managing prospective careers, and developing the skills and knowledge needed for professional and career advancement.

Prof.(Dr.) K. Govinda Rajulu, Director - VITAM looks after all the issues related Career and Professional Development.

Focused are given on areas of Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical & Civil Engineering and Management.

The Career and Professional Development Cell at VITAM offers a vast array of services for career-oriented students and graduates. The goal of the Cell is to help students to become more confident in their professional development and industrial requirement abilities so they can make correct decision and can explore all possible career opportunities.

There are two initial steps in the career development process, which usually VITAM looks at:
1) Knowing what kind of career the student want to pursue and
2) Guiding the student to reach that position.