Institute/ Campus Address:
VITAM Campus

Near Bharabi Temple
P.O. Mantridi
Via- Golanthara
Berhampur 761008
Odisha, INDIA.

City (Corporate) Office Address:
Hillpatna 1st Lane
Near Sidha Vinayaka Temple
Berhampur, Odisha, INDIA.


Department of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering

About the Department:

The Department established in 2010, with strength of 60 students. Instrumentation engineering is a specialized stream of engineering that deals with measurement and control of process variables in a production process. This discipline finds its origin in both electrical and electronics engineering, and it covers subjects related to electronics, electrical, mechanical, chemical and computing streams. In short, it deals with measurement, automation and control processes.

Instrumentation engineers usually work in industries with automated processes, such as chemical or manufacturing plants with the goal of improving system productivity, reliability and stability. The curriculum is formulated within the objective of making the students aware of the current industrial standards through perfect blend of industrial exposure and good technical base to enable our Students to make their presence felt in various technological domains in all top level industries.

Professional training is the key to success of our Students. The department strives to provide value base education to equip Students to meet country’s requirements for quality professionals. Through its well-conceived system of education and other co-curricular activities, the department offers a prospect for gaining in depth knowledge in cutting edge technologies and offers a plethora of opportunities for career advancement.

Department is conducting Workshops & technical seminar such as on PLC,SCADA, AUTOMATION, HDL, MATLAB, & LABVIEW time to time to upgrade the knowledge of students and staff. Also the department is sponsoring the staff members for higher studies and Research work. The students have an opportunity to undergo Hands-on training, value added courses by external experts in various instrumentation platforms.


Academic Programs:

Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Department of VITAM offers B.Tech in 'Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering'.

The Under Graduate (B.Tech) course is affiliated to Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT), Odisha, and is approved by AICTE.

Research Areas:

Department of Applied Electronics and Instrumentation engineering, being one of the core department in VITAM, is actively engaged in research activities and publications. Presently, some of the broader research areas of the department are:
1. Microcontroller and Microprocessor
2. Semiconductors
3. Serial and Parallel Hardware Interfacing
4. Circuit Design

Labs and Equipment :

Instrumentation Lab:
Instrument plays a big role in industry. Now almost in every industries automation system introduced. In industrial control a wide number of variables temperature, flow, level, pressure, and distance can be sensed simultaneously. All of these can be interdependent variables in a single processing require a complex microprocessor system for total control. So we have to measure these. While automation system is running we look all these parameters carefully so that production is not hampered. So in this lab we give practical knowledge to the students regarding different sensors used for measuring the different variables and also how to control the variables. Also we have two complete MODELS of Temperature measurement and Flow measurement in which we can explain the students the concept of measuring and also how to control these parameters. Also we have PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controller) in which we train the students regarding the concept of automation and how different variables can be controlled using a single unit.

Electrical and Electronics Measurement Lab:
Electrical & Electronics Measurement forms a basic and important aspect of Instrumentation, Electrical, Electronics & Mechanical Engineering application. It is a subject having practical application of various measurements of Resistances, Capacitance, Inductances, Power, Energy and other Electrical and Electronics parameters. In the laboratory work students are exposed to the experiments on the experimental set ups in the measurement laboratory.

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Lab:
The significance of the Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab is renowned in the various fields of engineering applications. For an Engineer, it is obligatory to have the practical ideas about the applications of Microprocessors and Microcontroller. This Lab provides students with hands-on experience with building, programming, testing, and debugging processors and Microcontrollers. This lab incorporates Software and hardware experiments with a Microprocessors and Microcontroller system. Assembly language programming, simple input/output interfacing, serial parallel interfacing, I2C and interrupt processing in Microprocessors and Microcontroller systems are practically done.

Control System Lab:
Control Engineering is of significant interest in most areas of industry - new and established. Control System applications are assuming an increasingly important role in the developing world, making it crucial for the students. This lab has been established in order to connect theoretical material taught in lecture courses with the realities of physical hardware and simulation through ‘higher-level’ technical computing language. Control Systems Laboratory presents facilities of computing and simulation through MATLAB. Together with SIMULINK and additional toolboxes it facilitates control system design and analysis, which can later be implemented in real-time applications using Real-time Workshop.

Analog Electronics Lab:
It is an introductory experimental laboratory that explores the design, construction, and debugging of analog electronic circuits. Lectures and eight laboratory projects investigate the performance characteristics of transistors, JFETs, and op-amps, including the construction of small Analog circuits. The course provides opportunity to simulate real-world problems and solutions using ORCAD tools, Proteus that involves tradeoffs and the use of engineering judgment.

Digital Electronics Lab:
Digital Electronics is technology subject which is intended to make students familiar with different types of designs as sequential logic circuits, combinational logic circuits, trouble shooting of various digital systems & study of various digital circuits. Knowledge of digital techniques is useful in understanding theory and practical of the subjects. For years, applications of digital electronics were confined to computer systems. Today digital electronics are applied in many diverse areas such as telephony, data processing, radar, navigation, military systems, medical instruments, process controls etc.

Beyond Academics:

VITAM believes in all round development. With this motto, Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Department is actively participating in events related to Social Causes, Cultural Activities and Sports. The students of the department, with help and association from faculties, had formed a club which voluntarily works for social welfare and helping the deprived. The department has tradition to organize inter-departmental as well as institute level cultural activities.

Students of this department has bagged several prizes in sports. Students of this department had also brought many laurels from other Institutes.