Institute/ Campus Address:
VITAM Campus

Near Bharabi Temple
P.O. Mantridi
Via- Golanthara
Berhampur 761008
Odisha, INDIA.

City (Corporate) Office Address:
Hillpatna 1st Lane
Near Sidha Vinayaka Temple
Berhampur, Odisha, INDIA.


Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

About the Department:

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was started in the year 2010. Presently, the Department has 60 intake capacity. The department is headed by Prof. Dr. G Eswara Rao having more than 20 years teaching experience. The department is well equipped with highly qualified faculty members having M.Tech. as well as having industry experience.

The department is having heavy equipment and computation Lab with state of art technologies. Each lab is taken care by experienced Faculty member and Lab assistants.


Academic Programs:

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of VITAM offers B.Tech in 'Electrical and Electronics Engineering'.

Both, the Under Graduate (B.Tech) Course is affiliated to Biju Patnaik University of Technology (BPUT), Odisha, and is approved by AICTE.

Research Areas:

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, being one of the core department in VITAM, is actively engaged in research activities and publications. Presently, some of the broader research areas of the department are:
1. Electrical Network Design
2. Motors Designing
3. Power Electronics
4. Electrical Grid Designing

Labs and Equipment :

Basic Electrical Engineering Lab:
1. DC Motor – Generator Set
2. Single Phase Transformer
3. Single Phase Energy Meter Set
4. VARRIAC (Auto Transformer)
5. Resistive Load Set Up
6. Set Up For P.F measurement of RLC Circuit
7. Measuring Instruments
8. Electrical Tool Kit Set

Network Devices Lab:
1. Theorem Kit
2. Two Port Parameter Kit
3. Filter Kit (Active & Passive)
4. Resonance Kit
5. Magnetic Couple Circuit Kit
6. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
7. Function Generator
8. Spectrum Analyser

Electrical and Electronics Measurement Lab:
1. Kelvin Double Bridge Kit
2. Shcering Bridge Kit
3. Anderson Bridge Kit
4. Testing of Energy Meter
5. Setup for three Phase Power Measurement
6. Set Up For B-H Curve
7. Set Up For CT & PT
8. Potentiometer
9. Spectrum Analyser

Electrical Machine - I and II Lab:
1. Three Phase Cylindrical Alternator
2. Three Phase Induction Motors
3. Three Phase Synchronous Motors
4. Parallel Operation of Alternator
5. Three Phase Transformer
6. DC Motor – Generator Set
7. Set Up For Hopkinsons’ Test
8. Set Up For Brake Rotor’ Test
9. Rectifier Panel Board
10. Variable DC Supply
11. Digital Tachometer

Power Electronics Lab:
1. Rectifier Kit for 1 Phase and 3 Phase with Different Load
2. AC Voltage Controller
3. DC Choper Kit (Buck & Boost)
4. V~I Characteristic Kit For SCR, TRIAC, MOSFET and UJT
5. UJT Triggering Kit
6. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
7. Function Generator
8. Power Scope

Control and Instrumentation :
1. LVDT Trainer Kit
2. Strain Gauge Kit
3. Thermister and Thermocouple
4. Synchro Reciever and Transmitter
5. AC Servo Motor
6. PID Controler
7. Position Controller

Power System:
1. Three Phase Salient Pole Alternator
2. Fault Locator Kit for Under Ground Cable
3. Set Up for IDMT Relay
4. Set Up for Differential Relay
5. Set Up for Transformer Oil Testing
6. Set Up for Calculation of Transmission Line Parameter
7. Fault Locator Kit for Alternator

Simulation & Programming Lab:
1. Computing and Designing Lab with 30 Nos. of high end PCs installed with latest software including MATLAB & LABVIEW

Beyond Academics:

VITAM believes in all round development. With this motto, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department is actively participating in events related to Social Causes, Cultural Activites and Sports. The students of the department, with help and association from faculties, had formed a club which voluntarily works for social welfare and helping the deprived. The department has tradition to organize inter-departmental as well as institute level cultural activities.

Students of this department has bagged several prizes in sports. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department has won many Championship Trophy. Students of this department had also brought many laurels from other Institutes.