Institute/ Campus Address:
VITAM Campus

Near Bharabi Temple
P.O. Mantridi
Via- Golanthara
Berhampur 761008
Odisha, INDIA.

City (Corporate) Office Address:
Hillpatna 1st Lane
Near Sidha Vinayaka Temple
Berhampur, Odisha, INDIA.


Student Counselling Cell @ VITAM

The Student Counselling Cell aims at helping students to reach their highest academic and personal potential. This may involve helping with personal, learning and career concerns and promoting success and wellness among them. This cell helps to provides a confidential atmosphere in which students can explore any topic or situation and discuss any concerns they may have. The students are helped to work through their problems, to develop self awareness, and to overcome problems.

Presently, the Cell is headed by Dr. Satya Subramanyam

Institute life can be fun and fulfilling, providing the students various opportunities to acquire new skills and knowledge and to develop character. Such overall development acts as important milestone before one joins the workforce and launch his/her career.

However, adjusting to the new environment and managing academic and personal demands may induce stress and anxiety. Confiding in family or friends is a good coping strategy but if the issues persist over a long period of time, consider seeking professional help as an option before these issues affect the student's quality of life. At VITAM, the Student Counselling Cell is the place that offers supportive and conducive environment for any student with personal issues or challenges to seek help and guidance from the Cell officer in-charge.

Further, this cell offers support to the students to deal with a wide range of concerns -be it academic, personal, emotional, family or peer related through counselling. The concern faculty meets student(s) and their parents as and when needed and Parents ar also encourage to discuss about their concerns regarding their son and daughters, who are studying at VITAM

VITAM's Student Counselling Cell has observed that proper counselling teaches students to effectively deal with problems and issues before they become unmanageable. Counselling had empowered students with enhanced ability to solve problems, make decisions and deal more effectively with their personal situations. The cell had helped students to alleviate distress, enhance wellness, utilizing their best potentials and facilitate the achievements.